The EOD is made up of people from all over the United States, and even Europe! Men and women who are CAF and EOD dues paying members come from all walks of life. Professions range from service to highly technical fields, pilots, business owners, management, manufacturing, government, etc. EOD operates under and at the pleasure of the CAF's general staff. Our internal operation is conducted as directed by the CAF's Unit Manual as wavered for the EOD. EOD Staff Officers are members of the CAF and EOD, and are elected by the membership to serve two year staggered terms. Within the unit we have the following ranks.

- one who is beginning and is being trained
- who is capable of setting and shooting a spread of high explosives and/or other visual and audio effect
Master Shooter
- recognizes individuals with a level of pyro-technical knowledge and field skills exceeding that of the basic requirements for Shooter
Shooter in Charge
- who manages the field, supervises the spreads, works with the show's promoters and coordinates locations, timing and procedures that will be followed by the pilots flying the show

The "Shooters Board", under the direction of the "Shooters Board" Chairmen, reviews the records of members wishing to advance in the ranks.

Membership Dues

Memberhip to the EOD is open to all CAF members. If you are not yet a member of the CAF, visit the CAF Membership Opportunities page.

EOD annual dues are $30, and are due each fall at our annual meeting held the weekend of the Midland AirSho.